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The importance of LIFE INSURANCE

By snyderinsur43431045, Feb 5 2015 05:12PM

You don't buy life insurance for yourself, so to speak. Yes, it will give you a sense of security- that all important "peace of mind" that insurance of any kind is supposed to give you. But you really buy life insurance for those that are left behind when you die.

There are important questions to ask yourself- Will I leave my loved ones with debt beyond what they can afford? Will they be able to survive at their current level of comfort without my income? Or maybe it's more simple- do I want to burden them with the cost of final arrangements?

Here are a few links that might help that thought process along, answer any questions and raise a few more. When you're ready to explore the cost and options for you, please give our office a call to discuss.

6 Reasons Millenials Consider Life Insurance

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